Do you know anyone personally with the Coronavirus?

Wow, everyone is really freaking out about the Coronavirus!

I am so glad I live in the mountains and love being at home! We are prepared as we normally have a food supply at our home. When you live 60 miles from a Costco you learn how to stock up on basic staples. So with a shelter in place in order for the Bay Area and several surroundings counties, I am happy to be where I am!

I am really looking forward to the progress I can make on my lessons and website at WA in the next few weeks! I have my website up however I have been having a few struggles. Take a peek at it and maybe suggest some widget placement.

1. Putting the pages in order.

2. Working on widgets.

3. Search words

I will continue working on these little bumps in the road, as I know I can get through this!

It’s all on how you look at it

I am concerned about this virus, however I will continue to live my life to its fullest, even if there are a few restrictions at this time. I will concentrate on staying positive and trying to improve myself and my attitude daily. I am thankful for everyday that I open my eyes to see my beautiful family and surroundings.

Like today for instance, I woke up and looked out my bedroom window to see this:



We had a snowstorm for the past two days! It was nice, no internet, no tv. We did have power and our woodstove was blazing, as my little people (my grandkids) and I played board games, cards, domino in front of the fire. Aiden helped me make a banana pie and Zoey was making some of her special chicken soup! I love these days with them.  They couldn’t wait for Joao to get home to throw snowballs at him.  They keep saying how pretty the snow is and how crunchy it feels under their feet. The kids live in a area where it does not snow, so this is a real treat! School is out for Easter break this week and will be closed for the following 2 weeks due to the Coronavirus, so they may get to stay longer..I remember going to my grandma’s house on vacation. So that is what we are going to do the next few weeks, make memories!snow-yosemite-pond

Have a great day and lets all make the best of a bad situation!

From Groveland,

Brenda and the little people

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