Looking for RV Camping near Yosemite National Park?

Affordable RV Camping near Yosemite! Are you all hooked up with your truck and camping trailer getting ready to head out for a long weekend?Your wife says, “Honey where are we going?” I guess you really hadn’t thought about that. You were just excited to have a new RV to try out. Here’s a few suggestions that may help you out.

Let’s Get Going!

Stanislaus River

On Highway 120 in the historic town of Knight’s Ferry there is a campground next to the river. Pull in and  hook up your RV and let the good times begin. The Stanislaus River runs along the edge of the campground makes a great background for a barbecue! Knights Ferry campground is next door to the river’s edge restaurant. On the weekends sometimes they have local entertainment and that’s always fun!

Interested in lakeside camping near Yosemite?

Head up the Highway 120 a few miles from Knight’s Ferry is Lake Tulloch resort. Lake Tulloch is a beautiful lake and provides some RV parking sites at blackjack recreational area. There is a small Marina and a little lakeside Cafe for refreshments. If you don’t bring a boat with you you can fish from the shore plenty of bass in this lake!

Lake-don-pedro-moccasin-yosemiteMore lakefront RV camping is available at Moccasin point at Lake Don Pedro. I personally like to camp here! There’s always wild turkeys and deer cruising by the campsites, I always catch some fish, the water is always clear and it’s only a few miles from Groveland. The RV campsites are private and well-kept.

As you get into Groveland along the Highway 120 you’ll come across Yosemite pines RV Park.that’s a cute little place they rent out covered wagon tents. Everyone thinks they’re in the wild West!

Along the last stretch of highway leading into Yosemite National Park there is a RV campground in Buck Meadows. I like going there they have a new swimming pool! Buck Meadows RV campground has a small country store and gas pumps.

The last stop is  a Good Sam’s campground.. this is a really nice RV Park with lots of activities for the families that stay there.this is one of the very last stops before you get into Yosemite National Park. Sometimes reservations are hard to get so if I can help you with a reservation please contact me in the area below with dates you may have in mind. So there’s some RV camping near Yosemite spots that I would like to share with you on your trip into the park.

Well you made it!

You’ve probably noticed I tend to gravitate more towards water. I find camping near the creek or at the lake is so calming. Enjoy your trip to Yosemite!

Keep checking my page as I’ll be adding new pictures prices and more information regarding the campsites near Yosemite and the surrounding areas!

Happy 🏕️ Camping!




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