Morning time in the Mountains

Yosemite-Lilaskoog-RoadhouseIt’s a beautiful morning as the sun is rising over the Hetch Hetchy mountain range outside my bedroom window..the pictures I’ve taken do not do it justice!

I love morning time at my own hurries, no worries, just a fresh canvas that I can paint my way through the day. I can paint my canvas any way I want, just as I make my way through life. Speaking of painting, my project for the day is to complete the painting and decorating of a bedroom and bathroom at my Roadhouse Bed and Breakfast.

The Roadhouse was my 1st vacation rental property. It has definitely been a learning curve as most of my guests are European. With my lack of knowledge in the marketing, small business set up and remodeling and so much more, it’s been a struggle but I am moving forward..sometimes at a snail’s pace it seems. At the end of the day, I’m always a little bit ahead of where I started.

I wanted to provide cozy and comfortable homes for tourist coming to visit Yosemite to stay. I enjoy meeting the travelers that stay with us and sharing some of our fun adventures with them! Their stay is usually limited to a few days so I try to point them in the right direction!

Most of my guests are between the ages of 26-40. They are traveling on a budget and love they can stay so close to Yosemite without it costing them a arm and leg! Follow me and see if I can make this boring white bathroom turn into something!

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